Guests viewing lions during an African safari

Experiencing an African safari as a family is a fantastic way to spend time together in the great outdoors. The beautiful landscapes under clear blue skies or star-filled African skies, the iconic wildlife, exceptional cuisine, and amazing cultures help create many cherished moments.

There is a safari enthusiast young and old alike. Each trip to a safari destination will always be unique. It may be the same destination, perhaps even the same safari guide but the experience will always be different, in an exceptional way.

The most cherished moment is having a child experience their first game drive safari and spotting wildlife for the first time. Identifying the wildlife by name is such as joyful moment. It’s at this point that the child transforms that animal from a drawing in a book or magazine to a real-life animal that he or she can see and figuratively feel and touch.


Cheetahs in Maasai Mara

This is the beauty of travel! Your senses are heightened and at the ready when you are out on the savannah. You smell the plants outdoors, feel the savannah wind on your face, interact with and shake hands with the local people, taste the delicious cuisine and hear the wildlife be it a lion roaring 15km away or a hyena laughing as it goes off to its next scavenger hunt. Add to that the magical moment of being out on a game drive when a hunt is taking place. Predators slowly and gracefully inch towards their prey, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting antelope or gazelle who may or may not get away but such is the balance of nature.

Apart from game drive safaris, there is a lot to experience on the vast African savannah. You can enjoy guided walking safaris and night game drive in the privately owned wildlife conservancies, sundowners at sunset or bush meals under a carefully selected acacia tree. Whether you are travelling as adults only or if you have children with you, the memorable moments while out on a safari adventure are to put it simply, incomparable!