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These are our frequently asked questions. Please get in touch with us should you need any additional information.

  1. Is the hotel/camp safe for us during the pandemic?

    Yes, you shall be in a safe environment as the hotels/camps follow the WHO and the Kenyan Ministry of Health regulations. There are several already laid out procedures such as designated sanitising stations and adequate water & soap for handwashing. There are fewer guests per vehicle, and the dining room tables are set at an appropriate distance to allow for social distancing. All staff and guests must always have their masks on and sanitise and wash hands frequently.

    2. Do I need malaria medication?

    The hotels/camps ensure the rooms are well-fumigated which reduces the chances of having mosquitoes present. Nonetheless, we would advice you to speak with your medical practitioner to determine if you will require any medication while on safari.

    3. Is the water at the camp/hotel safe to drink?

    Yes, you will find bottled water in your tent/rooms and also at the dining area. You can drink this water or use it to brush your teeth.

    4. Does the hotel/camp have hot shower facilities?

    Yes, during your stay the hotel/camp will provide you with hot water throughout.

    5. Where shall I keep my valuables?

    Your valuables are safe while you are at the hotel/camp. Nonetheless, please enquire at the reception upon arrival, if the properties have a storage locker in the tent/room or will provide you with a secure alternative.

    6. Can I charge my camera and phone while at the camp?

    Yes, the hotel/camp has electricity and you can charge your cameras, laptops, and phones from your room or the reception area. You will mostly find the three-pin sockets and plugs in these properties.

    7. Must I have cash with me always?

    No. Additional expenses can be paid via credit card. You can however have a little cash for tips. Please try and avoid tipping individual members of staff. The staff at the reception will show you the tip box and you can place your tip in there.

    8. Shall we have internet access?

    Yes. The internet can be accessed from the hotel/camp lobby. Sometimes, there may be some technical problems resulting in a slow connection or no connectivity at all but you will not go the entire duration of your stay without internet.

    9. How long are the game drive safaris?

    A game drive safari typically lasts about 2 hours and is preferably conducted early in the morning or late in the evening. There are, however, exceptions where you can be out on a half-day or full-day game drive, especially during the great annual wildebeest migration.

    10. What is a walking safari?

    A walking safari is a guided nature walk on the savannah that is experienced on foot. It starts early in the morning with bush meals along the way and can last for 4 hours to a full day’s walk depending on the fitness level of the guests.

    11. Are there other activities to take part in while on safari?

    Depending on your choice of hotel/tented camp it is possible to take part in a few more safari activities. Privately owned conservancies allow for a few more additional activities such as night game drives, walking safaris, horse riding, and bush meals.

    12. Is it safe to walk around the camp at night?

    The camps are generally safe although some may not be fenced. Should you require to move from your tented quarters to the dining area at night, the askaris who are always nearby will escort you to and from your destination.

    13. Can I get my international visa on arrival?

    It is best to get your visa in advance and fill in any additional documentation before you disembark. This will help you save the time upon arrival as sometimes the queues at the airport can be quite long. If you are not able to secure your visa in advance, please have your money with you in small denominations, preferably USD 50.

    14. Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes, it is advisable to have travel insurance before you begin your vacation or holiday and we recommend that you please process your travel insurance before leaving your home country. This will help safeguard you and your family against any eventualities while on holiday.

    15. What vaccines do I need before travelling?

    There are several vaccines such as hepatitis or yellow fever vaccine which you should consider before beginning your travel and we recommend speaking to your medical practitioner well in advance. Please remember to bring your vaccination card with you to avoid re-vaccination at the point of entry.