Big tusker elephants in Tsavo

Elephants are the largest land mammals and can be found in several areas including the African Savannah. These gentle jumbos are one of the big five wildlife and are something that each safari enthusiast looks out for.

Statistics indicate that in the 1970s, Africa had more than 1.3 million elephants. This number shrunk considerably, and Africa’s elephant population now stands at about half a million jumbos. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the African elephant as endangered. Despite the increase in the African elephant population over the years, their numbers decreased by about 60 per cent over the last five decades.

There were about 16,000 elephants in Kenya, more than three decades ago. This number has since doubled. According to the 2022 African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) report, there is an annual five per cent increase in the elephant population in Kenya. This is a sign of hope that future generations may find these mammals in existence. Spread out over the different national reserves, game parks and conservancies in the country, elephants are still under threat. Poaching and loss of habitat are the main reasons these mammal numbers decline.

The unique breed of elephants found in Tsavo adds to the mysticism that surrounds these mammals. The Tsavo Trust is carrying out a conservation exercise referred to as the ‘Big Tusker’ project. These iconic tuskers are a rare breed of elephants mainly found in the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA). Despite the efforts to safeguard them, these majestic mammals still face the threat of poaching. Their long tusks which almost always scrape the ground are the coveted prize. With about 25 big tuckers left in the world, there is an urgent need to protect them to ensure they are around for generations to come.

Your trips to the savannah contribute to these efforts and help amplify the voice in the fight against poaching. Join the fight and say no to poaching.

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