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A Wildebeest Journey A 5 Day Safari in Maasai Mara

The Great annual wildebeest migration is one of the most spectacular wildlife occurrences in the world. Known as one of the eight wonders of the new world, the annual wildebeest migration is phenomenal and a must-see at least once in your lifetime.

Millions of wildlife including wildebeest (gnu) and zebra move back and forth between Kenya and Tanzania. During the long rains in Kenya, the abundant rainfall creates lush green vegetation which draws the wildebeest into Kenya. Braving the crocodile-infested Mara River, the wildebeest cross into Maasai Mara in search of green pasture. Hoofs pounding and gnu sounds fill the air as the wildebeest which are in a rut flood the Mara plains turning it into a beautifully dark-spotted savannah.

After about three months in Maasai Mara, the wildebeests return south into the Serengeti where millions of wildebeests will be born before they repeat the cyclic journey of the wildebeest.



The Great Annual Wildebeest Migration, also known as one of the New Wonders of the World, is a sight to behold. Millions of wildebeest, zebra, and antelopes journey from the Serengeti to the Mara, crossing the crocodile-filled Mara River in search of fresh green pasture.


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