Pack your travelling and get ready for an African adventure

Your items of clothing will depend on the duration of your stay, the places you visit, and the month of your visit. To be comfortable during your safari, it is best to pack loose-fitting comfortable cotton clothing. These can include items such as shorts, pants, and light dresses for the ladies. You also need comfortable walking shoes, including a pair of hiking boots for those who will explore the savannah on foot.

Sandals will serve you well during the day or at the beach resort. You will however be expected to have appropriate semi-formal clothing and footwear for the dinners at your favourite resort. Please pack swimwear as you will be expected to properly cover up – nudity and going topless is not permitted.

Suggested Packing List

  1. Long sleeved clothing
  2. Short sleeved or t-shirts
  3. Comfortable trousers such as khaki or cotton pants
  4. Shorts
  5. Cotton socks and undergarments
  6. Jackets, hoodie or fleece
  7. Comfortable walking shoes
  8. Toiletries / personal effects
  9. Swimwear
  10. Sandals and flip flops
  11. Wide brimmed hat preferably with an under chin tie
  12. Sunglasses with polaroid lenses
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Mosquito repellent
  15. Malaria medication – please talk to your medical practitioner about the medication you require
  16. Passport plus a copy which you should carry in separate bags
  17. Camera, battery and memory card(s)
  18. Chargers for your electronic equipment – most places use the 3 pin plug
  19. A pair of binoculars (if possible)